Greenhouse Windows

 Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the new windows and door. They look just beautiful and are already making the place cooler in all of the heat. 
- Rick and Marylin

Greenhouse windows protrude outward from the house allowing more natural light in; they are also great for seedlings and plants.

Glass shelves are optional and they offer an operational awning style top which ventilates the opening. Ultimately, greenhouse windows are a great way to expand your home's interior and to introduce a great deal of light. 


  • Venting options available.
  • Insulated seat with drainage.
  • Reinforced vinyl with aluminum frame.
  • Heavy duty scissor-action roof hardware.
  • Glass shelving for extra space.
  • Full screen with overlapping frame.
  • 16” projection.
  • Outside colours available.
  • Optional side casement to the sides.